Experienced Help With Real Estate Closings

The goal of a real estate closing is the exchange of money and the deed for a parcel of property. This allows the buyer to take possession and the seller to collect the proceeds of the sale.

Our attorney at Kristi C. Fuller Law, LLC, can help ensure that your closing achieves each of these goals. There are a lot of technical requirements for a successful property closing, and we only handle these transactions, so we have a great deal of experience working with this material, and we can help your closings proceed smoothly and without difficulty.

Residential Real Estate Closings

Once you have found a home or buyer and have negotiated with the sale price, our lawyer can help your real estate agent assemble the necessary documents, from the property purchase agreement to performing a title search and assisting with making sure all the documents are in order and ready for closing day.

There are many documents to sign and it can seem overwhelming. There will be loan estimate that estimates the cost of the loan. On the day of the closing, you will receive the:

  • HUD-1 settlement statement that specifies the exact amount you will pay.
  • The disclosure of closing costs that details all of the costs for the transaction.
  • The mortgage note or promissory note, which is where you promise to repay the loan amount.
  • The mortgage or deed of trust, which is what secures the loan to the home and permits the lender to reclaim the property should you fail to make your mortgage payments.

Commercial Real Estate Closings

Commercial real estate closings are similar to residential closings, but may be more complex depending on the property and the financing. Our attorney has handled many commercial closings. We recognize the importance of accuracy and timeliness in these situations.

Your business may be on a demanding schedule and problems with a closing can have expensive consequences for your operations. We work to ensure that all the property and financial documents are in order and that there will be no last-minute mistakes or errors that could compromise your transaction.

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