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Buying a home is always an exciting time, full of new beginnings and possibilities. The last thing you want is a delay caused by faulty paperwork at the closing. We help homebuyers and their real estate agents achieve a smooth transition from homebuyer to homeowner.

What Issues Could Delay Your Closing?

A real estate transaction involving a home is probably going to be the largest single purchase you ever make in your life. For some, it only happens once. Because of the substantial financial risk at stake, and because of the often long-term nature of the purchase, you want everything to go smoothly.

But a home is a complex purchase. It consists of real property, the plot the home sits upon, conveyed by legal title and the physical structure that makes up your home. That home has numerous systems such as plumbing, gas, electricity, as well as heating and air conditioning, a foundation, roof, windows, siding, and you want them all to be in good working order.

You Want Full Disclosure

You want to ensure that there are no hidden defects, as they could potentially cost you thousands and significantly damage your investment and your ability to live in the structure.

Common problems that could occur when buying a home:

  • Is the title to the property clear?
  • Are there issues with the condition of the home that need to be fixed by the seller?
  • Are you clear on the actual amount of the closing costs?
  • Are all the documents needed for the closing in order and properly prepared?

Our attorney can help see to it that all of these issues are handled correctly and that you understand your purchase agreement, the need for title insurance, and that all of your questions are answered.

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