For Home Sellers

A seamless real estate property sale is always important to a homebuyer, because they want to take possession of their new home as soon as possible. Their anticipation is often matched by that of the home seller, who is equally excited to receive their selling price in a certified cashier's check.

Having the deal occur on time is just as important for you as a home seller, because the closing not only provides the cash you expect, but also relieves you of the burden of paying utilities, insurance, an existing mortgage, and it removes the risk of something like weather or storms destroying the structure or leaving the home damaged and unacceptable to a buyer.

Experienced Assistance With Real Estate Closing Preparations

Our attorney can help you avoid some of the common problems that can develop during the closing process and lead to significant delays or prevent the sale of your home. Some common problems that can occur include:

  • Not having clear title. Liens or other issues must be resolved.
  • You want to be certain that your buyer can follow through with the purchase.
  • You want the cost properly ascertained and allocated.
  • You want all of the necessary documents to be in order by the closing.

Our attorney has more than a decade of experience as a real estate lawyer in Alabama, and she has additional experience with other aspects of real estate sales and marketing. We know what needs to be done to allow for an uneventful closing, reviewing the title, financing, insurance and all other legal requirements, helping you to have a completely unremarkable closing.

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