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Your real estate closing should be uneventful. Sign a lot of documents. Exchange money. Done. At Kristi C. Fuller Law, LLC, that's exactly what you get.

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Real Estate Closings Are All We Do

A real estate closing is a means to an end. No one looks at the home buying or selling process and thinks, "Great, we get to attend a closing!" But it is absolutely essential, and because of that, you want it to go seamlessly and without a hitch. Our attorney at Kristi C. Fuller Law, LLC, is there to ensure that is what happens.

This Is Really Important

Because a real estate closing is routine and they happen every day, it may be easy to pretend it is perfunctory and a "mere formality." Don't. While they happen all the time, when something goes wrong or is overlooked, it can create a world of headaches for buyer and sellers. We see to it that this does not happen to your closing.

A World Of Paperwork

A real estate closing involves a lot of paperwork. You will sign what seems like dozens of documents. Some are more important than others, for instance, the promissory note that obligates you to repay the entire sum of the mortgage. Others are notice requirements and disclosures, detailing what the mortgage is really going to cost and what your legal rights are under the mortgage contract.

We handle a lot of closings, so we understand how important each of these documents are, and we explain why they are important and answer all of your questions, but we know you are not interested in becoming a real estate attorney, so we strive to inform you of what you need to know. We work to ensure your transaction closes smoothly and without complexities or complications.

Commercial Real Estate Closings

In addition to residential real estate closings, we also handle commercial real estate closings. Those are somewhat more complicated, so it helps to have a lawyer familiar with the process and all the necessary steps to ensure your deal completes and you can move on with your business.

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