About Our Attorney

Real estate closings are something you may attend once, twice or even a couple of times in your life. You may remember a few things about the process. You and the other party sit down and sign a bunch of documents. You give or receive a check for the property and obtain the right to move into the home or possession of the property. If it went well, that's probably all you would remember.

A Forgettable Experience

At Kristi C. Fuller Law, LLC, our attorney works to make sure your closing is just that forgettable. We only do real estate closings, so we are very skilled at the formal requirements for the transaction. We help to ensure that it all finishes as planned and there are no unpleasant surprises. We have helped hundreds of individuals and families with these transactions, and we can help you.

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Experience To Ensure A Smooth Closing

Because we only work on closings for residential and commercial real estate, we have a great deal of practical experience with the process. We know where problems can develop, from ensuring clear title to the land, correcting errors on purchase agreements and that funds are available on time. We work to prevent these issues from developing and help your transaction close without problems and on time.

Our lawyer has a great deal of experience with all aspects of real estate transactions, having been a licensed real estate agent, working as a broker, in sales and with other aspects of home sales. This experience helps us to examine your transaction and look for potential complexities that could delay or prevent your closing from happening. We work to resolve those issues and help you get the deal done.

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